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Good morning ! I am Mark Beuven, founder of Vicitra

Inspired by the teachings of the world reference in Yoga “Tirumalai Krishnamacharya”, our mission at Vicitra is to modernize this wisdom to adapt it to our times while eliminating the clichés that too often surround yoga. We want to present yoga in an authentic light, far from commercial and superficial images.

Having observed the deviation of the Western perception of yoga from its true essence, I felt it was imperative to initiate a change. Vicitra was thus born with the ambition to offer an interpretation of yoga that skilfully combines tradition and contemporaneity, taking into account the individuality of each practitioner.

I invite you to join us in this exciting exploration. Let Vicitra guide you to develop a personal, authentic practice adapted to modern life.


Discover, evolve, flourish!
Our course combine tradition And modernity for a yoga who looks like you.

Our course in line

Yoga Back

Designed for fragile backs, the sequences promote a state of centering while ensuring flexibility and realignment of the spine.

Integral Yoga

Flexibility and muscular tone while developing the state of centering.

Yoga Serenity

Relaxing postures and gentle stretching through which progressive control of the breath gives access to letting go and returning to oneself.


Extensive breathing efforts to strengthen mental presence and soothe emotions.

Dive into the wealth of know :
Our programs theoretical merge wisdom ancestral of Yoga And contemporary perspectives For an understanding deep of life.

Our Programs in line

Yoga practice

Discover our set of five training courses designed to make you independent in the practice of Yoga, while taking into account your personal specificities, whether you are new to yoga or experienced.

At the roots of Yoga

Discover our five online programs dedicated to the human science of Yoga. They help you better understand how the mind works for greater clarity and discernment in life.

Free masterclasses

Start your personal development by participating in our five free masterclasses. Immerse yourself in the deep essence of Yoga according to Vicitra and also explore immediate application of simple and accessible tools.

Guidance on measure, where you are :
Our consultations, in line or in face-to-face, offer you directions personalized for a practical of yoga authentic and adapted.

Our consultations in line And in face-to-face

Online consultation

Face-to-face consultation

Support in practice

Immersion total, transformation deep:
Our internships And pensions invite you to a journey interior, combining serenity And mastery yoga.

Our Internships And pensions


A thousand-year-old history:
Discover the origin of our lessons.

The source of OUR know : Masterclass free

Uninterrupted transmission

Our teachings draw their richness and authenticity from the exceptional relationship that Marc Beuvain had with the heir family of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (1888-1889).

Immerse yourself in the life journey of this extraordinary contemporary yogi, a world reference in Yoga, and access the secrets of a fulfilling and successful life.

Your path towards authenticity starts here.
Join us and let him yoga illuminate every step of your journey.

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Our Course

Our Programs

Our Consultations

Internships& Retirements

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Explore innovative yoga classes and programs that combine tradition and modernity, designed to strengthen your physical, emotional and mental health.


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✉ contact@vicitra.yoga


Eric Laudière

Éric Laudière is a practitioner and trainer in the field of psychogenealogy and family constellations.

A former student of Alexandro Jodorowsky, his journey is punctuated by a tireless quest for knowledge and a deep desire to explore the subtle dimensions of healing.

With training in physiotherapy, he trained in psychogenealogy under the tutelage of Alexandro Jodorowsky in the 1990s. 

He enriched his work on family constellations with a bodily and energetic approach thanks to his work with several healers in Asia and South America.

He practices psychogenealogy and systemic constellations in the south of France. For many years, he has explored different types of constellations through his courses and workshops, creating new forms such as constellations in the dark or even multi-constellations. 

 Éric Laudière represents a pioneer in this field. It offers a unique reading of the family constellation and psychogenealogy.

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Julia Tourneur

Julia was introduced to Yoga during her training as a psychomotor therapist. From the first sessions, she feels the profound benefits of this practice. Since a weekly session in a group class, yoga has gradually become a part of her life.

In 2014, his teacher suggested that he guide sessions and then follow teaching training with Jean-Luc Acket for 4 years. The meeting with Marc, during the end of training exam week, was evidence of the need for her to continue studying the lessons alongside him.

In 2022 she registered for the online Autonomy program then participated in the Transmission face-to-face week, which allowed her to deepen her knowledge and feel freer in her teaching of Yoga to people of various ages and backgrounds. .

For Vicitra, Julia guides online courses.

Pascal Ananian

As a visceral and digestive surgeon, Pascal is accustomed to caring for others, but when he reached his forties, he faced his own health challenges.

Pascal experienced medical wandering for several months, until he met a physiotherapist, André Goguet, who followed the Mézières method. He made him do stretching, core training and deep breathing.

Then he discovered yoga and Vicitra Yoga therapy which are in the same line as this method. In 2-3 weeks of effort, he was able to return to work, get back to sleep and even start surfing again.

He then practiced yoga therapy as Marc suggests. He maintains his daily session to strengthen his back. These lower back pains are behind him.

For Vicitra, Pascal intervenes in the Yoga Therapy program as an expert in the management of inguinal hernia.

Geraldine Rincheval

Géraldine Rincheval discovered Yoga 16 years ago, during her first pregnancy. This decisive moment marked the beginning of a deep relationship with Yoga, a discipline that has accompanied her throughout her life. 

The practice of Yoga opened the way to a more peaceful, light, simple and harmonious life for Géraldine, even transforming her professional orientation. Driven by the conviction that Yoga is a path to holistic well-being, she chose to become a Yoga teacher. Her training led her to explore the teaching of Marc Beuvain, which she integrated both into her own practice and into her guidance.

Géraldine has broadened her field of expertise by specializing in particular in Ayruvedic massages as well as Sound Massage, using therapeutic Tibetan bowls and other vibratory instruments to promote deep relaxation of the body and mind.

Géraldine Rincheval embodies a wellness enthusiast, who shares her knowledge and experience to help others find harmony, balance and relaxation in their own lives.

For Vicitra, Géraldine offers massages in courses and retreats.

Charbel Jarjoura

Osteopath and Trainer. Charbel helps therapists make their activities profitable, financially, on the effectiveness of their treatments and on their personal development. 

He practiced and trained in different care and personal development practices. To name a few: Yoga, Stretching, Reiki, Auriculotherapy, Hygienism or Bioresonance.

Over the last 10 years, he has bought an Auriculotherapy practice, created his Health Center and opened a restaurant dedicated to health.

He organized courses and training, therapeutic fasting retreats, and was also a radio columnist for 2 years.

He shares his experiences and helps to sort out the truth from the falsehood, what works, what is profitable and what is effective for patients.

For Vicitra, Charbel acts as an expert in the Yoga Therapy program and offers solutions for managing back pain.

Philippe Pire

Philippe Pire has been a physiotherapist and osteopath based in Brussels for 38 years.

In 1985, he began his career as a physiotherapist, marking the start of a journey dedicated to physical well-being. His quest for excellence led him to train in sports physiotherapy and taping in 1987, thus strengthening his expertise in the management of injuries linked to physical activity. In 1995, Philippe took a significant step in his career by becoming an osteopath and in 2005, he integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine into his arsenal of knowledge and skills.

His determination to relieve pain and restore mobility was the driving force behind his career. Over the years, he has acquired invaluable expertise in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

As lead consultant of the Yoga Therapy program at Vicitra, he has contributed significantly to the integration of holistic methods into physical rehabilitation. His commitment to promoting the overall well-being of his patients is evident in his willingness to explore new avenues to help them achieve optimal health.

Sabine Hérondelle

After a diploma in History and the Art Market, and nearly 15 years as a sales manager in the tertiary sector, Sabine completed a CAP in cooking and worked in several restaurants, including 1 Michelin star.

The pleasure of improvising, of meeting various audiences, of working for artists, Yoga and Tai Chi teachers, in different geographical locations, for projects and specific requests, gave her the desire to become a “nomadic” cook. ".

She then works alone, an intuitive cuisine which leads her to specialize in vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, raw creations… She attaches great importance to the aesthetics of her preparations and the energy information they contain. This led him to practice reiki and open up the possibilities of food, thinking about it in its entirety.

For Vicitra, Sabine is involved in almost all of the internships and training courses.

André Goguet

André, a Mezierist physiotherapist, has long had a spiritual quest to enlighten his path.

Convinced that postural alignment and muscular balance are essential to physical and mental health, he explores dance, qigong and yoga.

His meeting with Marc was revealing: he discovered that the union of breathing and movement in consciousness opened infinite horizons, allowing him to “dance in yoga” with his breath.

This practice strengthens one's daily state of being, cultivating centering, serenity and bodily freedom, thus leading to a true freedom of being.

Guided by the desire to share, André happily leads group classes at his home in Vendée and actively intervenes as an expert in the Yoga Therapy program.

Valérie Perrève

Valérie encountered yoga in 2007 and without her teachers clearly suggesting it, she was immediately sensitive to the practice of breathing and in particular Ujjuyi. Also, when she discovered the teachings of Marc Beuvain in 2015, she was deeply touched by his pedagogy and his approach. She was thus able to clearly understand that breathing was a key to the practice.

She trained with Marc in yoga therapy and teaching pedagogy. She followed the study of the Yoga Sutra-s and the Yoganjalisaram,.
Being also a masseuse and concerned about health through a lifestyle promoting detox on all levels (living food, fasting, massage, silent walks in nature), she feels sensitive to all the dimensions of Yoga.
Very close to nature (hiking, walking in the mountains), she continues to put the tools of Yoga into practice every day and continues her quest towards greater freedom and a return to oneself through, in particular, the teachings of Vicitra .

For Vicitra, Valérie offers online Yoga classes. 

Thierry Chappé

I am a father of two little girls. I am 47 years old living in Brussels and working in the digital field.

Initially practicing martial arts, I discovered yoga during a vacation in Bali in 2010.

Fascinated by the Ashtanga of Pattabhi Jois for its demanding physical side and its discipline, I deepened my knowledge through various courses, workshops and books. This practice has become my passion.

In 2017, during an internship, I met Marc, whose transmission and depth of knowledge transformed me.

Guided by Vicitra, I developed a deep understanding of yoga and was inspired to teach this discipline.

For me, teaching is a source of pleasure and personal development.

My favorite quote is from Georges Sand: “The mind seeks and it is the heart that finds.”

For Vicitra, Thierry teaches online Yoga classes. 

Julie Leclercq

A pharmacist by training, Julie is interested in health and well-being in general.

5 years ago she discovered yoga, which she immediately liked and followed training with Marc Beuvain to deepen her knowledge.

Vicitra's teaching brings him a lot in terms of personal development and the return to the essence of yoga.

For Vicitra, Julie monitors the participants' practices during the immersion courses.

Valérie Felix

A former high-level athlete, Valérie encountered yoga in 1999 when she was looking for a physical activity devoid of competition and judgment while being passionate about subjects around personal development.

Her first Yoga sessions awakened in her a much broader dimension of human potential, from psychology to spirituality and possible transformations through presence and anchoring.

Passionate and diligent, she trained in teaching Yoga from 2002 to 2006 and from 2004, in addition to her freelance professional activity, she taught Yoga 2 classes per week. In 2008, she met Marc during an internship and was deeply touched by his reading and his approach to the different tools of yoga, whether in the presentation of the posture or the references to yogic texts, integrating current events. A second seed of consciousness is then laid. It was in 2020, following confinements and studio closures, that she reconnected with Marc's teachings, thanks to her remote transmission. She then decided to train with Marc by participating in the "Yoga therapy", "creativity and educational independence" training and to follow very regularly all the conferences and studies that he offers online including those of the Yoga Sutra-s or even the Yoganjalisaram.

Julie Millet

Julie has always been interested in health. She obtained a doctorate in Biology in 2011 and was interested in various human pathologies such as Tuberculosis and Malaria.

After 10 years of experience in the field of Research, she understands the importance of holistic and personalized health. In 2015, she dedicated herself, with Marc Beuvain, to the opening of the first Vicitra center in Guadeloupe. She manages it and offers several Yoga classes and workshops. She was then strongly touched by the impact and enthusiasm generated by the lessons taught at Vicitra.

His desire to make these teachings, this method and this holistic approach to health accessible to as many people as possible led him to devote himself fully, between September 2018 and September 2021, to the development of the Vicitra centers in Brussels and Guadeloupe. Since then, Julie has been the co-manager of Vicitra.

Geraldine Rincheval

Géraldine discovered yoga 16 years ago when she was pregnant with her first daughter. This encounter with yoga helped her experience a natural, easy and wonderful birth as she wanted.

Since that moment, Yoga has always continued to accompany her and has never really left her. Beyond well-being, the practice of Yoga was a real support for him in facing the difficulties of life and in overcoming the stress and fatigue of hard but very interesting work in the hotel and catering industry during almost 20 years. 

It was through Yoga that Géraldine began to enjoy a more peaceful, lighter, simpler and more harmonious life, even changing her professional direction to become a Yoga teacher. Her training led her to discover the teaching of Marc Beuvain, which she has, over time, made her own.

Yoga being part of Ayurveda, Indian medicine, she was also interested in other Ayurvedic practices, in particular massages.

For Vicitra, Géraldine offers online Yoga classes.

Frédérique Bengeloun

Frédérique has always been interested in health, wellness and natural therapies.
After a doctorate in pharmacy, Frédérique worked for several years in research on tropical pathologies, in health anthropology and then in psychiatric settings where she set up therapeutic alliance workshops.
She was lucky during these years to meet beautiful people who made her journey internally towards a gradual return to her true nature, a return which still continues today at every moment. Marc Beuvain is one of these people, who he met in 2005 in Marseille, sowed a seed in his conscience. In 2019, after more than 15 years working in the health system, Frédérique decided to leave the health system to devote herself full time to holistic health. She then trained in aromatherapy and naturopathy and found Marc and his teachings which had not left her mind since 2005.
She now supports Women and Mothers on this path to holistic health around well-being and a return to oneself. It is this awakening and this awareness that Frédérique now wishes to transmit to each Being, combining her knowledge, skills and experiences.
For Vicitra, Frédérique offers online Yoga classes.

Celine Brisard

Céline has been practicing yoga since 2008. She underwent initial teaching training between 2015 and 2019, began teaching and, at the same time, crossed paths with Marc Beuvain during a conference in Paris. Marc's vision of yoga challenges her, provokes her and touches her deeply. The first seeds are sown…

Marc's vision of yoga challenges her, provokes her and touches her deeply. The first seeds are sown…

From 2020, thanks to the pandemic, she can finally taste the practices guided by the Vicitra team. She is also fully committed to online teaching (Yoga Sutra, Yoganjalisaram, Autonomy, etc.) and face-to-face (Creativity and educational independence, Transmission, etc.).

She now guides sessions in the South-West of France and behind the screen of Vicitra's Cohérence program.

Marc Beuvain

Marc Beuvain has been teaching Yoga for 26 years in France, but also in London, Milan, and Brussels in particular.

At 17, he discovered yoga and went to train in Chennai, India. For more than a year, he will benefit from one of the richest educational contents available from TKV Desikachar, son of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, considered the father of modern Yoga. Having become a teacher, he participated in three world tours alongside the biggest names in Yoga. In 2007, however, he chose to become independent and express his own vision of yoga in the West.

Marc's quest is then to transmit to as many people as possible – Marc teaches in centers for the mentally handicapped, retirement homes, schools, hospitals, orphanages, businesses, etc. – the tools that make one independent with physical health. and mental. His know-how and the resulting awareness allow him to develop an approach that is both anchored in an intimate understanding of Indian tradition and imbued with very current personal experience.

He thus develops a Yoga that lives up to its purpose: to promote freedom of conscience and the profound individual and collective transformations that result from it. In 2015, he co-created his first center in Guadeloupe, called Vicitra (“Precious”, in Sanskrit). In 2018, the Vicitra Brussels center was created and in March 2020, during the first confinement linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, Vicitra online is launched.

THE Yoga Sutra - Chapter 1 - Session 1

THE Yoga Sutra - Chapter 1 - Session 1

SESSION 1 | Defining Yoga in its essence
Session devoted to aphorisms 1 to 6 of the 1st chapter.

The great particularity of the first 4 sutras is to define Yoga in its essence.

The study and understanding of these 4 sutras have always been seen as an essential step in the integration of the work as a whole.

You will discover:

  • The historical context of the origin of Yoga
  • The prerequisites for experiencing personal transformation through Yoga
  • The main reason for yoga
  • The profound and irreversible consequences of Yoga on human beings
  • The consequences of a lack of mental control
  • The different modes of functioning of the mind
  • The great paradox of the mind in humans
Diapositive précédente
Diapositive suivante
SESSION 1 | 3 steps to get out of emotional conflicts
Session devoted to aphorisms 1 to 3 of the 2nd chapter. .

These first 3 aphorisms highlight:

  • The yoga of action
  • The prerequisites for experiencing personal transformation through Yoga
  • Its consequences on the mental level
  • The main causes of our identity and emotional conflicts
Diapositive précédente
Diapositive suivante

Gift Bonuses

Catalog of 46 postures traditional

This book allows you to access the age-old reference in the field of posture and to know the starting point from which it will be possible to intensify or simplify on the physical, respiratory and mental levels.
This book offers real autonomy to practitioners.
This avoids getting lost in the ambient confusion specific to Western Yoga through invented or transformed postures.

THE Themes Of Course Online


Learning the subtleties of the practice of Yoga on a physical, respiratory and mental level in order to benefit from a real Yogic experience during online classes

Yoga Back

Designed for fragile backs, the sequences promote a state of centering while ensuring flexibility and realignment of the spine.

Yoga Serenity

Relaxing postures and gentle stretching through which progressive control of the breath gives access to letting go and returning to oneself.

Integral Yoga

Flexibility and muscular tone while developing the state of centering.


Extensive breathing efforts to strengthen mental presence and soothe emotions.

Reading list

3 Vidéos

Reading list

3 Vidéos